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Research, Evaluation & Consultancy

As a researcher, with extensive experience in qualitative research and evaluation, I can support you in finding and analysing evidence to answer the ubiquitous ‘so what?’ question – particularly where metrics simply can’t provide the answer.

With experience in multi-agency and stakeholder project work and delivery I can support you, your team or your organisation in finding solutions to outstanding problems, or in taking strategic goals forward. 

Example Projects

Developing a Quality Assurance System for Non-degree Education & Skills Training

Project Funder - EIT Urban Mobility

Consultancy Role - Commissioned to build a quality assurance process for training providers seeking a quality label for their professional development courses in the area of Urban Mobility.

Degree Apprenticeships in England: current practices in design, delivery & quality management

Project Funder - Office for Students (OfS)

Consultancy Role - Commissioned to undertake qualitative research to explore degree apprenticeship stakeholders’ views on ‘well-designed’ and ‘high-quality’ provision and to explore how universities were using and/or adapting internal quality management processes for this purpose. 

Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) Submission Support

Project Funder - Solent University

Consultancy Role - Commissioned to support and advise on the collation of evidence for and the writing of the 2023 insitutional submission - which was awarded TEF Gold. 

Example Research and Consultancy Artifacts, Reports & Publications


  • Cleaver, E. & Smart, F. (2022) Evidencing Value: Beyond the Metrics. Members’ toolkit for identifying and evidencing of the value of institutional ‘intangible assets.’ UK Quality Assurance Agency.

  • Cleaver, E. (2022) Degree apprenticeships in England: current practices in design, delivery and quality management. Report for the Office for Students and Department for Education.

  • Cleaver, E. (2022) Teaching and Learning Centres: Insights from the International Sector. A rapid review and briefing paper prepared for Hussein Technical University and the British Council, Jordan.

  • McLinden, M. & Cleaver, E. (2021) Embedding Inclusivity in Subject Benchmark Statements: guidance for panel chairs and advisory panel training materials. UK Quality Assurance Agency.

  • Cleaver, E. & McLinden M. (2021) A Launch Pad for Future Success: Using outcomes-based approaches to scaffold the pandemic year and build for the future. What Matters, What Works, What’s Next? Findings from our Sector Survey and Reflection Planning and Resource Collection. QAA Membership Resources. 

  • Smart, S., Cleaver, E. and Robertson, R. (2020) Beyond the metrics: the importance of intangible assets in the HE context. Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice. 8 (2)  

  • Cleaver, E., McLinden, M., Lintern, M. and Birch, A. (2020) ‘The scholarship of teaching and learning as a foundation for strategic educational transformation’ in  R. Plews & M. Amos (Eds.) Evidence-Based Faculty Development through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. IGI Global. 

  • Senior, R., Cleaver, E., Queiros. G., King, H. and Barnett, K. (2020) Doctoral Apprenticeships and the ladder of opportunity. Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning. 10 (4). 

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