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Writing & Speaking

With extensive experience of designing and facilitating multi-stakeholder workshops, and as a keynote speaker at national and international conferences I can offer high quality, accessible and analytical outputs using excellent communication skills in written and spoken English.

Invited Keynotes and Workshops

Global Panel: Purpose and quality - effective advocacy for advising

Invited Panel Member

UKAT Annual Conference

6 April 2022

‘The Faculty Development Journey’




British Council


24 March 2022

The Use of Qualitative Data in Quality Assurance and Enhancement


QAA Member Benefits Series

Nov 2021

‘Enhancing teaching and learning through scholarship’


Invited Seminar


Malmo University, Sweden

2 March 2022

Qualitative Data: does it pass the trustworthiness test?


Invited Keynote

UK&I Higher Education Institutional Research Network

4 March 2022

Recent Blog Posts & Articles

Cleaver, E. (2022) How do we manage the quality of degree apprenticeships? WonkHE Blog. 14 May.

Cleaver, E. and Cracknell, L. (2022) Highs and lows, ebbs and flows: buckle up for the educational development rollercoaster ride. SEDA Blog. April 2022

Cleaver, E. (2022) Academic Governance and Degree Apprenticeships in England – getting it right. AdvanceHE Blog. February 2022. 

Cleaver, E. & Smart, F. (2021) Why ‘going beyond the metrics’ matters even more as we ‘build back better’. QAA Blog. October 2021.  

Cleaver, E. (2021) What time d’you call this? Lunchtime?  LinkedIn. February 2021.

Cleaver. E., and McLinden, M. (2021) Learning from the remote pivot - approaches to aligning learning outcomes to assessment for student success. QAA Blog. February 2021. 

Cleaver. E., Smart, F. and Robertson, A. (2021) Let’s keep looking beyond the metrics? LinkedIn. February 2021 

Cotton, D., Cleaver, E., and Fung, D. (2020) Pedagogy has something to teach us. Times Higher Education.  Dec. 

Cleaver, E., Robertson, A., Smart, F. & Redford, P. (2020) What value and whose values? HE should celebrate our intangible assets. WonkHE. March. 

Smart, F., Robertson, A. & Cleaver, E. (2019) Navigating the McNamara Trap. Invisible Grail. July. 

Willey, N. & Cleaver, E. (2019) Apprenticeships and the Evolving Doctorate – Back to the Future? WonkHE. July.



Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Disciplinary Approaches to Educational Enquiry


Cleaver, E., Lintern, M., & McLinden, M. (2018)

2nd Ed. London: Sage.

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